The Portable Smart Speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but can only make calls with Alexa. If you have a house full of Bose smart speakers and soundbars, this speaker can be used in tandem with them for multiroom audio.

  • The power and connection buttons are seamlessly under the rubber on one end while the micro-USB charging port, D-ring and auxiliary 3.5mm input jack are on the other side.
  • If you choose a DIY home security system, then your equipment will arrive in a box along with instructions on how to set everything up.
  • The payments were never late, and payments paid off mostly immediately.

There’s a great feature that upscales DVDs to HD quality, which is pretty awesome when you enjoy watching movies on your computer. Protect your important files and digital memories with LG’s external and internal burners and drives — designed to safely secure your data. Explore LG’s external and internal drives and burners as well as our complete line of all-in-one computers, and the superior data solutions of LG’s Blu-ray burners and drives, DVD burners and drives and more. LG offers the latest in state-of-the-art technology with the reliability you expect. The UHD blu ray drive could read UHD, play blu ray, DVD and CD regularly with the correct software. You may use any program that comes with your computer for normal blu rays, DVDs, and CDs.

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In my opinion, the more upfront sound of the Cambridge Audio YoYo is better – and it’s cheaper too – but I know loads of older folks and acoustic heads love the Ruark sound. With a battery and vary degrees of ruggedising and waterproofing, these are handy for moving from room to room, and also taking outside. Some are fully waterproof and can be chucked in your swimming pool or, perhaps more realistically for UK readers, stand up to sudden summer downpours. Not only does your speaker need to survive the plane ride in your carry-on luggage, but also consider where you’ll be using it. These are things to consider before purchasing your speakers, not after.

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Although it’s possible to open the computer and upgrade or replace the memory, SSD, or hard drive, the process is difficult and not well documented, and you risk breaking the computer or voiding its one-year warranty. HP’s all-in-one uses the same processor and graphics that you might find in a high-end ultrabook. Its quad-core 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor doesn’t excel at video editing or high-end graphics work, but it’s more than good enough for web browsing, document editing, and light photo editing. In our testing, the Iris Xe graphics processor was more than twice as fast as older Intel integrated GPUs such as the HD 520 and HD 620, which means it’s good enough for basic 720p or 1080p gaming. But because they fit a full PC’s worth of components into a relatively small space, all-in-one PCs have some of the same limitations as laptops. The processors and GPUs usually aren’t as fast as what you can get in PC towers because an all-in-one’s cooling system can handle only so much heat. The webcams are good enough for work or school but not for vlogging or streaming, and the speakers are usually just okay.

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I’m not going to presume to think that my review will change the way you feel about Sonos, so feel free to save your comments and move on. Like its Shadow Black counterpart, the Lunar White Move is weatherproof, drop-resistant, and with its IP56 rating, can handle sandy beaches, summer sweat, a quick rinse with the hose and more.